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Cambuskenneth Community Council

Secretary: George Thynne

30 North Street, Cambuskenneth Stirling

01786 474155 email


contact webmaster:




Cambuskenneth is an historic, child-friendly, sustainable, riverside community. It includes the Abbey of Cambuskenneth (founded 1147), and lies on the pedestrian trail to the Wallace Monument, and the cycle route around the lower reaches of the Forth. The Community Council strives to maintain Cambuskenneth as an attractive residential setting (a) by extending participation in community life; (b)  by seeking to establish a 20’s plenty traffic zone in the village; (c) by  seeking to erect an information notice board for tourists, visitors and residents at the village end of the footbridge;  (d) by lobbying for improved flood protection; and (d) by working towards the completion of the cycle trail over/under/around the A91 and the railway line, thus placing Cambuskenneth on a quiet, safe and health-enhancing route between Stirling and Alloa.  





Presentation Archaeological Investigations September 2012 Text only no pics.  Click here  



Cambuskenneth Community Council Meeting of 22nd February 2016


1. Present: Tessa Carroll (Vice Chair), George Thynne (Secretary), Ross McGregor, Graham Barrett, Barbara Mcelhinney, Jim Thompson (Councillor), Ewen Randfield (Minute Secretary)


2. Apologies: Andy Kippen, Tom Palmer, Moira Anderson.


3. Previous minutes adopted (25th January 2016)


Community council welcomes a new member: Barbara Mcelhinney


4. Orchard:

The Trees have been planted in the Park. George Thynne asked Rosemary Reid of Ferry Orchard House if they had the ‘Cambuskenneth Red’ apple in their garden, but sadly they didn’t.


5. Councillor’s Report: (Jim Thompson)

The next Budget meeting will be held on Thursday to discuss the £6.3 million to be cut from the budget. There is a possibility of a 7-day bin collection, which will introduce an extra bin. This will in theory reduce number of vehicles being operated, and workers. Ross McGregor raises the worry that more infrequent bin collection could lead to an increase in fly tipping. There is information on this matter on the Stirling Council website.

A police van with a camera was seen at the rail crossing recently, and previously this had been sent due to people jumping the barrier, but Jim Thompson did not have any further information.

Regarding the Kerr’s Yard site, Sepa are still insisting that nothing is to be moved from the site due to the contamination


6. Treasurer’s Report:  There is currently £2885 in the bank, £1400 of which is reserved for the Hall and Park, and £500 for the Village Sign. This leaves £985 of available funds.


7.  Secretary’s Report: It was agreed to submit an objection to the Airthrey Kerse Development on behalf of the Community Council. Kirsteen Smith will be organising an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday for the children. The CC agreed to accept the cost for this of about £25.


8. On the Verge: Tessa Carroll suggests Sunday 3rd April at 10:30 in the morning for the planting of the wild flowers. Neil Smith will supply a Silver Birch tree, which is to be planted in the Park. An Agreement has been received from Cowan’s Trust assuming that we will maintain the tree.


9. New Sign: Andy Kippen came up with a possible design for the new sign. It will cost around £400 to £500 for the sign and its installation. Jim Thomson has emailed the Roads Department on our behalf to establish where the sign could be sited. When we meet with the Roads Department we will also ask about the drainage on Ladysneuk Road.



10. Police Report: There was no recorded crime between 25th of January and 21st of February. There was a phone call reporting sounds of gunshots on the River Forth. George Thynne will find out how that was handled.


11. Wallace Forum – attended by Graham Barrett

There were some complaints about the lack of time in the agenda for community issues and Stirling Council were to address this issue. Health and Social partnerships were discussed, which would try to prevent, and provide more available services. There will be a single telephone number as a point of contact. There were also thoughts of creating a ‘Digital Hub’ in the city centre. This is a 10-year programme, which would include a possible civic square, a city park and a conference centre, to attract tourists.



Date of next meeting: 21st March 2016


NOTE TEL NOS POLICE 101, SC 08452777000, NHS24 111 (all 24/7)























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