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Correspondence Contact: George Thynne

North Street, Cambuskenneth Stirling FK9










Cambuskenneth Community Council

Secretary: George Thynne

(tel. 01786-462915)


Meeting: 1st Monday

Of month in Village Hall, 7.30pm




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2.     Items for AOCB:

3.      Minutes of previous meeting

4.     Matters Arising from minutes and not covered below:


5.     Secretary’s report:


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Community Plan


Recent changes in Scottish planning legislation, since 2008, mean that prior decisions
 by Community Councils – as statutory bodies – can serve as a powerful
 bulwark against undesirable external planning initiatives.


Cambuskenneth is an historic, child-friendly, sustainable, riverside community. It includes the Abbey of Cambuskenneth (founded 1147), and lies on the pedestrian trail to the Wallace Monument, and the cycle route around the lower reaches of the Forth. The Community Council strives to maintain Cambuskenneth as an attractive residential setting (a) by extending participation in community life; (b)  by seeking to establish a 20’s plenty traffic zone in the village; (c) by  seeking to erect an information notice board for tourists, visitors and residents at the village end of the footbridge;  (d) by lobbying for improved flood protection; and (d) by working towards the completion of the cycle trail over/under/around the A91 and the railway line, thus placing Cambuskenneth on a quiet, safe and health-enhancing route between Stirling and Alloa.